Hi, I’m Lisa Fiorvante!

I'm a painter and a writer. Right now, I'm having fun playing with watercolors and writing poetry.

My artistic expression is my therapy, and I'm always happiest when I have some kind of creative project in the works. I'm currently learning how to photograph my work for prints, so if you ever see me working on something you like, let me know!

I’m also an online community manager– come visit me over at KateNorthrup.com! I help run our online membership program, Origin™, for women entrepreneurs, I provide customer support, and I teach our audience how to do the same for their businesses.

I've been been an artist for as long as I can remember (minus a TOO LONG hiatus in my early 20's), and I've been managing and marketing online businesses for nearly a decade.

I love to learn and understand the world and understand different perspectives. My formal and informal education has revolved around fine arts, psychology, women’s studies, evolution and anthropology, environmental health & nutrition, and business and marketing.

I’m interested in topics around creativity, consciousness, the power of adversity, what it means to live a life well lived, and the impact of the digital era on everything from our social lives to our financial status.

I believe resourcefulness is one of the greatest skills we could ever develop, and that it will get us through during periods of limited time, energy, money, and space.

My husband and I recently sold/donated/threw away 80% of our stuff, left our 1-bedroom NYC apartment, and moved to a small town in Southern Maine. Growing into this new life has been unfamiliar, strange, and yet refreshing.

This is the playlist I throw on whenever I’m painting and making art. It’s called CREATE., and maybe it will inspire you to create, too. Enjoy!

Let's stay in touch.

You can email me at lisa{at}lisafiorvante{dot}com, you can follow me on Instagram for photos of my art space, painting stories, and everyday bits of inspiration, and if you'd like to receive my articles, essays, and updates straight to your inbox, you can sign up for my newsletter below:

I love getting these emails, I always read through and they're the perfect boost/inspiration to fuel my own motivation. I always take something away and enjoy your style of writing as well, very light and easy to read! I look forward to them! – Kate R., NYC