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I believe we’re all creative beings with something to give and a story to tell.

Whether we’re painting on canvas or faces, writing poetry or grocery lists, building sculptures or businesses, growing gardens or babies, it’s all a creative act.

And I believe we're all here on this earth to share what we've got.

Recipes, songs, lessons learned, good books– even pain and anger. It's all shareable.

We can uplift, inspire, make people laugh, share a new perspective, delight the senses– all through giving what we already have inside of us.

And I believe we DON'T have to worry about whether or not we're "enough" yet. We're allowed to be who we are now even if we one day grow into something better or totally different.

Because who you and I are now is already enough.

Giving you what I got and nothing less.

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I love getting these emails, I always read through and they're the perfect boost/inspiration to fuel my own motivation. I always take something away and enjoy your style of writing as well, very light and easy to read! I look forward to them!
– Kate R., NYC