Hi, I’m Lisa!

I believe we’re all creative beings with something to give and a story to tell.

From the mundane to the miraculous – and everything in between – we can educate, inspire, and create success through sharing what we already have inside of us, even if we one day grow into something totally different.

Because who you and I are right now is already enough.

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My Story

In the summer of 2012, a Craigslist ad changed the entire course of my life and career.

I’d just moved to New York City, and my single goal was to go back to school to become a nutritionist. While waiting for classes to start, I spent the summer months patching together odd-jobs and part-time gigs, and each day before my bartending shift, I’d scroll on Craigslist, mining for an internship in the health industry.

One June afternoon, I finally struck gold: 'Health coach seeking virtual assistant for a part-time internship.' While reading the ad, everything inside of me was screaming “THIS IS IT!” I dropped my phone, ran straight to my computer, and wrote the quickest cover letter of my life. A week later, my anticipation turned to celebration when I was picked for the position.

With my new internship in tow, and the belief that I was on my way to building a budding health career, I entered an entire universe I had no idea existed: the world of online business.

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The Next Chapter...

Over the next 8 years, I experimented, explored, and expanded that single position into a network of virtual clients – a range of digital entrepreneurs across multiple states, countries, and timezones – who were packaging and selling their expertise through one-on-one services, group programs, and online courses.

I consulted, coached, and led my clients through marketing campaigns, helping to launch physical and digital products and award-winning and best-selling books. I put project management systems in place, built departments from the ground-up, then hired and trained team members to keep them running. I spent nearly 2 of those eight years building, managing, and co-leading Origin™, a groundbreaking monthly membership program founded by best-selling author & entrepreneur, Kate Northrup, that teaches women entrepreneurs how to harness cyclical living to manage their time and energy.

I did this work everywhere from my tiny 1-bedroom apartment in Queens, to hotels, cafes, and restaurants – basically, anywhere with an internet connection – and I couldn’t.get.enough.

Learning the art of digital entrepreneurship led to life-changing skills, provided an outlet for my creativity, and gave me immense freedom and flexibility. It also allowed me to draw on all of my seemingly random skills, interests, and experiences: from my psychology degree to my background in fine art, to my love of writing, and my interest in health and wellbeing.

Looking back, I realize that if I hadn’t followed the calling to become a nutritionist, I wouldn’t have found that Craigslist ad.

While I never did fulfill that goal, I see now that it was meant to guide me towards a whole new path that would be the catalyst for unlocking my true purpose: helping people express themselves. 

When I reflect on all of the talent I've worked with over the years, I realize what a privilege it's been to be surrounded by people who are living their purpose and expressing their gifts each and every day. My journey allowed me to see what's possible and the positive difference we can make in our communities and in the world when we show up fully as ourselves.

I've also been able to see where I can show up and express myself more fully. During times when life becomes all work and little play, I notice that these are the moments when I feel the least joyful, powerful, and alive, which can lead to bad decisions and a poor quality of life.

Like many of us, I'll sometimes push through a busy schedule or deadline when what I really need is to take ten minutes, grab some markers, and scribble to my heart's content. Over time, I've learned that when I allow myself to play and create just for the fun of it, I make better decisions and attract better opportunities. The same goes for all of us.

Self-expression is our birthright, and it's available to everyone– not just entrepreneurs.

Whether we're working part-time, 9-5, or staying home to raise babies, our self-expression is our essence.

It's in the colors we choose each morning when we get dressed...

It's in the way we plate our meals... the accents we choose for our homes...

The way we comb our hair, play with our kids, and show up for our partners.

It's in that dessert we make when want to celebrate, and the letters we write to those we love.

Our self-expression is also hidden away in the piano lessons we've been itching to take, the stories we've been wanting to write, and the tubes of paint tucked away in a box under our beds.

For most of us, there's at least one thing we've been meaning to experience or create, but that we never quite make the time for.

That's why, as a Self-Expression Strategist and Certified Online Business Manager®, I'm on a mission to help everyday people express themselves more fully while guiding them towards monetizing their gifts.

I’ve experienced firsthand that when we allow ourselves to follow our hunches, experiment, and explore, a whole universe we never knew existed could open up and change the entire course of our lives… just as it did for me.

(These days, you can find me on the serene southern coast of Maine, where I live with my husand and spend my time tucked in the words working, playing, and working everyday through my own journey to full self-expression.)

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headshot of Kate Northrup “Lisa has that special sauce, and she infuses love and creativity into everything she does!” “Lisa provided incredible work for our company, and she brings a level of care and organization to business processes that I’ve rarely, if ever, experienced before. Her ability to think of all the details before rolling out something new has been unparalleled!” “While we worked together, she helped us streamline a new project management system, enhanced our customer care practices by taking our average response time from 2-3 days to 24 hours or less, and managed our membership program which maintained an average 93% retention rate. She definitely left our company better than she found it.”
Kate Northrup | Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur | katenorthrup.com
(More kind words from happy clients HERE.)

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