Headshot of Lisa Fiorvante

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I work with online business owners in the self-help and personal development industries who want to scale their one-on-one work with clients into courses, books, memberships, and group coaching programs...

... without burning themselves out or losing touch with their creativity in the process.

(Please excuse my half-baked website. New updates and services coming late spring 2019! Need to get in touch? Shoot me an email at lisa(at)lisafiorvante(dot)com.)

A bit about me:

  • In early 2018, my husband and I tossed 80% of our stuff and traded our tiny apartment in NYC for a brand new 2-bedroom tucked away in the forest on the southern coast of Maine. It really is as blissful as it sounds.
  • I have a B.A. in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz, I'm a Certified Online Business Manager, and my education and areas of interest span across fine arts, evolution and anthropology, environmental health & nutrition, business and marketing. I'm a voracious learner, and I love understanding the world through different perspectives.
  • I'm always thinking or solving some kind of problem in my head, so I created feel. ✨– it's a compilation of songs to help get me out of my head and into my body. If you need a break from thinking and doing, throw this playlist on and close your eyes. Breathe through it, stretch through it, dance through it– whatever feels good for you!

Let's stay in touch.

You can email me at lisa{at}lisafiorvante{dot}com, you can follow me on Instagram, and if you'd like to receive tips and updates from me around all things life and business, you can sign up for my newsletter below:
I love getting these emails, I always read through and they’re the perfect boost/inspiration to fuel my own motivation. I always take something away and enjoy your style of writing as well, very light and easy to read! I look forward to them! – Kate R., NYC