How this one tool can help you write more often.

Do you enjoy writing? Do you ever wish you took the time to do it more often?

I know a lot of people who do. In fact, I used to feel the same exact way. But that all changed about 18 months ago.

It all started with a notebook. A green padfolio to be exact.

And I’ve used this same padfolio nearly everyday for a year and a half.

I take this notebook with me everywhere. It goes for walks with me, it goes to lunch with me, it goes on vacation with me… to bed. Everywhere.

I keep it handy so I’m able to plan and reflect on each day, take notes during workshops and seminars, brain dump… whatever I need it for.

Using the same notebook to write in everyday is especially helpful at the end of each week when I’m ready to write these emails. I have a whole week’s worth of content to reflect on in one place –from business triumphs (and all the struggles in-between) to personal insights – which makes it super easy to pull out the important, shareable lessons.

In fact, I started this very email in my notebook 2 days ago!

Having a dedicated notebook for all of my written notes has helped me cultivate the habit of writing nearly every single day of my life. Even if it’s only a sentence or two, the writing happens.

Pre-padfolio, I used to have my everyday notes scattered about on scrap paper, envelopes, notecards, random journals in different shapes and sizes… that doesn’t even include notes on my computer! And there just wasn’t any rhyme or reason to when I’d pick up a pen to write.

Now, I’ve got a stack of about 10 writing pads from the past 18 months that document my life and business journey. They’re all the same size. They’re neatly organized by date. And most importantly, they’re filled with words. My words. Writing privately everyday is what’s helped give me the confidence to take some of those thoughts and make them public.

So if you want to start writing on a regular basis, it’s really as easy as having a dedicated notebook (and pen!) handy.

Don’t worry about your work “sucking.” Don’t worry about it being sloppy. Just write!

And maybe writing isn’t your thing. Maybe you wish you took more photos. Or recorded more videos. Or sang more songs. Whatever it is, create some space for it in your life now. And do it without pressure. Just because you create something doesn’t mean it has to go public and touch thousands of lives! Sometimes it just needs to touch one. And sometimes that one person is going to be you and you alone. Whoever it reaches, and whatever it is that you want to start doing, you’ll be happy you took the leap.

Because practice makes progress.

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